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Blovx Sphyrna Sports Mask Respirator

Product Description

Sphyrna (Greek) is the scientific name for hammerhead sharks, but the similarities between the cartilaginous fish and this advanced sports respirator go beyond aesthetics.

Blovx Sphyrna is the ultimate training respirator, specially designed for high performance sports and athletes who need a single solution for both daily use and sports training.

Specially designed with sports in mind, the Sphyrna is a "dual-effect" respirator that offers advanced air filtering and simulated high-altitude training by adjustable restriction of air intake. It allows a shortened exercise time which, in turn, improves muscle endurance, cardiopulmonary function, and red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity.

Its sealing system is made with Dow Corning imported medical silicone ​​as raw materials (the same material used for high-quality baby pacifiers). No adhesive is added during the manufacturing processing, and no toxic and harmful substances are produced.

The filters are made with Hollingsworth & Vose patented Technostat® Plus electrostatic electret material imported from the UK, and tested by the authoritative American air fluid laboratory Nelson Labs.

The respirator body itself is made of high quality silicone material, which does not directly touch the face except for the supporting structure.

Shortlisted for the 16th Asian Golden Point Design Award and officially used by many sports and soccer clubs, the Blovx Sphyrna is only training mask in the world that offers air intake restriction training.

With its innovative design and superior filtering technology, no other respirator offers a more balanced combination of efficiency, style and comfort. A must have for athletes of all kinds, the Blovx Sphyrna is the perfect air filtering system for endurance and outdoor sports.
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Key Features

  • Adjustable Air Intake
  • Anti PM2.5 (99%)
  • Made for Sports
  • Fully Washable
  • 360° enclosure
  • Lightweight Design


Type Dual-Use, Personal & Training Respirator (Non-Medical)
Filtration Grade PM0.5 (99.97%)
Filter Type Multi-Layer Hollingsworth & Vose (UK) Technostat® Plus Electrostatic Electret (Replaceable)
Tests and Certifications GB/T32610-2016, GB 2626-2006, RoHs, FC, CNAS, Nelson Labs
Particles Protection Dust, Pollen (and other allergens), Bacteria (and other germs), Exhaust, Wildfire Smoke, Cigarette Smoke, and Other Air Pollutants
Box Contents Mask, Pair or Neoprene Straps, Pair of Filters, Instructions
Mask Size 6 x 5.5 inches (folded)
Material High Quality ABS+PC, Dow Corning Silicone (Seal), Neoprene, Skin-Friendly Materials
Weight 148g (including straps)

Popular Questions

How can I adjust the air intake?

Altitude training simulation can be achieved by configuring the 5-stage adjustable air ports located on both sides of the mask (Please see Reference Photo). Each intake port can be independently adjusted in 5 different settings each, which allow 10 different modes (500ft to 22000ft) of simulated air intake respectively.

How many filters are included?

Each box comes with 1 pair (set) of filters. Additional filters can to be purchased separately, but you can also make your own by purchasing high-quality filtering fabric and cutting them in the proper shape.

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