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Philips Fresh Air Mask Kids Edition ACM033

Product Description

Part of the latest 3000 Series, the new Philips Fresh Air Mask (ACM033) Kids Edition redefines the level of breathing comfort via its Air Power system. Designed by an award-winning team of industry leaders, the ACM033 is the most advanced children's personal air-filtering product ever created.

N95-grade, the ACM033 combines cutting-edge technology, design and comfort backed by a well-known household name that needs no introduction.

Its patented Air Power wind system enables a clean, fresh and easy breathing, making the ACM033 a more-than-perfect air mask for sports or people with breathing difficulties. The efficient power and air fluid dynamics design greatly reduce exhalation resistance and improves breathing comfort. Besides facilitating your breathing, it also keeps the air inside the mask constantly cool and fresh.

The Air Power wind system is equipped with precision fans exclusively made by the industry-leading Japanese manufacturer, Nidec. Capable of providing an air flow rate of up to 41 L/min, the Air Power wind system has 3 speed modes that detect your exhalation, slowing down the fan every time inside air needs to go out.

The Kids Edition detachable straps can be used both as conventional earloop or around-the-head loop for further comfort and better fit.

The mask shell is water resistant and can be washed every it becomes dirty. The N95 filter pads can be easily replaced after the recommended hours of use, based on your local AQI and how much you use the mask.

Lastly, the Philips Fresh Air Mask protection goes beyond your kids' lungs: The mask's innovative material also protects your kids' skin from UV light, working as a UPF 50+ sunblock for your face.
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Key Features

  • Air Power Technology
  • N95 Grade
  • Replaceable Filters
  • Washable Body
  • For Kids Age 6 to 12
  • UV Protection
  • 3 Wind Modes
  • Micro USB Charge


Type Personal Use (Non-Medical)
Filtration Grade N95
Filter Type 4 Layers (Replaceable)
PM Protection 2.5 (95%)
Particles Protection Dust, Pollen (and other allergens), Bacteria (and other germs), Wildfire smoke, Cigarette smoke, and other Air Pollutants
UV Protection UPF 50+
Battery Autonomy Approx. 4.5 hours (low speed) to 2 hours (max. speed)
Materials High-Quality Breathable Meshes (Body), Aluminium (Air Module), ABS
Colors Blue (ACM033/01), Lychee Pink (ACM033/02)

Popular Questions

What kind of filter does it use?

The Philips Fresh Air Mask Kids Edition (ACM033) uses a smaller-size N95 filter, similar to the ones used in the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 for adults.

How long can I use one filter?

Each mask comes with 1 replaceable filter. Each air filter lifetime depends on factors such as pollution in your surroundings and how much/how you use the mask. Depending on your local AQI, a filter can last as much as 122 hours (AQI 0 to 15) or only 8 hours (AQI 301 to 500).

Are there different sizes?

The Philips Fresh Air Mask Kids Edition (ACM033) is available in only one size that you can adjust using the straps that go behind your ears. The mask suitable for 6 to 12 years old. For adults' size, please see the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066

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