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Product Description

Box with 5 replacement filters for Philips Fresh Air Mask models ACM066/01, ACM066/02 and ACM066/03. It offers N95-grade¹ protection that can fully protect against smog, car exhaust (only particles), pollen², bacteria, allowing you to enjoy fresh and clean outdoor air.

Each filters, independently wrapped, offers a service life is up to 122 hours³ depending on usage and on your local AQI (see chart).

¹ This data is calculated by Philips internal laboratory based on third-party test report. Refer to the standards of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Philips Corporation for testing and certification by third-party laboratories.

² The pollen particle size ranges from 15 to 200 microns (E. Pacini, Encyclopedia of Ecology 2008). N95 filter has the lowest efficiency (> 95%) at the most permeable particle size (> 0.1 <0.3 microns)

³ This is the recommended cumulative duration calculated by Philips internal laboratory, and the filter replacement time can be changed according to personal usage habits.
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Key Features

  • Easy to Replace
  • Anti PM2.5 (N95)
  • Box with 5
  • Up to 122 hours
  • Philips Quality
  • Original Parts


Model FY0086/00 (Series 6000)
Filtration Grade NIOSH N95
Filter Type 4 Layers
PM Protection 2.5 (95%)
Particles Protection Dust, Pollen (and other allergens), Bacteria (and other germs), Wildfire smoke, Cigarette smoke, and other Air Pollutants
Service Life Max. 122 hours (AQI 0 to 15) to 8 hours (AQI 301 to 500)
Warranty Disposable / No Warranty

Popular Questions

How long does a filter last?

Each box comes with 5 independently-wrapped filters. Each filter lifetime depends on different factors such as air quality/pollution and how much (and how) you use the mask. Depending on your local AQI, a filter can last as much as 122 hours (AQI 0 to 15) or only 8 hours (AQI 301 to 500).

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