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Product Description

Pack with original replacement filters for Purely air mask. Each pack contains 10 bags with a kit of 2 replaceable fan (round) filters and 1 mask internal filter. Total: 20 fan (round) cap filter and 10 mask internal filters. The material of the KN95 (equivalent of N95-grade) filter consists of 4 layers. Thanks to its technology, the filter can cope with harmful particles PM2.5 for about 99%. It actively acts against germs, bacteria, pollen, allergens and other pollution particles. It is recommended to change filters at least once a week.

Key Features

  • KN95 Standard
  • Anti PM2.5 (99%)
  • Nano Technology
  • Nano electret filter cotton
  • Original Parts
  • Easy to Replace


Filtration Grade KN95 Standard
Filter Type 4 Layers, Nano Materials
PM Protection 2.5 (99%)
Particles Protection Dust, Pollen (and other allergens), Bacteria (and other germs), Wildfire smoke, cigarette smoke, and other Air Pollutants
Material Nano-fibre, Nano Electret Cotton
Size 75 x 37 x 12.5mm
Weight 30g
Warranty Disposable / No Warranty

Popular Questions

How often should I replace the filter?

It depends on which speed mode you normally use the mask, and also pollution/dust conditions. In general, it is recommended to change filters at least once a week.

User Reviews

Easy to replace and high quality parts! I change them every week or when the filters start to get darker - Eric
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